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eAteliers is transforming the industry by digitising all bridal brands around the world with one-click. Connecting ateliers, simplifying processes and empowering their business with automated flows and insights.

Trusted by dozens of bridal brands and quickly growing.

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We interviewed with renowned bridal brands, both multi-brands or designers. We gathered their feedback, insights, and crafted the perfect experience for you.

stores in eAteliers, and quickly growing

Save more than 5 hours per week per employee

Automating processes not only lets you provide better service, but also saves a lot of time!

Crafted for your bridal store


Anywhere, anytime. Create, update, and remove appointments from any device with ease.

Send reminders to your brides. Work on the Monthly, Weekly or Daily views, find at a glance the purpose of the meeting or data that you need, print a list for the rest of the team, and much more.

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Marcia Hill, Digital Marketing Manager

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Catalogues boosts your business. Download our free app to beautiful showcase your catalogue in your store or publicly available for anyone. Share your catalogue with a partner and let them import it into their system in just one-click, so they start sending you orders straight away.

Grow your revenue

Orders & B2B

Orders is one of the key features you will enjoy. Register your orders, track the status, review contracts, measures and more.

Even more, you can connect with your partners so your order status is updated live. You can also request changes and track every detail.

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Grow your bridal store

You can start using eAteliers to set up your business and grow your partners for free.


Keep track of appointments, clients, employees, send reminders, and much more in the calendar, tailored to your needs.

App Catalogues

Create catalogues for your partners, Instagram, or store. Use different translations, prices and strategies to get the most of your brand.


Register orders or receive external orders from your partners. Keep each other updated of order updates, missing files, and pending payments.

Insights and statistics

Track brides interest, sales, Profit and Loss, bottlenecks in orders, profitable partners, and much more.

Notification system

Remind your customers by email or SMS of their appointments, receive alerts of activities in your atelier, and manage permissions with ease.


Surf through catalogues, compare prices, conditions, and start receiving orders from new partners in just one-click.


Generate beautiful contracts and invoices to close deals with your brides. Automatically create and track the orders linked to signed contracts.

Stock management

Stay on top of your stock as the season moves forward and deals are closed. Set alerts to remind yourself of ordering items.

Permissions system

Granularly control who has access to your system, and what actions can perform. Split eAteliers by accounts so your shop assistants, managers, and more roles easily find their way.

Choose your language

eAteliers is available in multiple languages. Can’t see yours? Let us know, and we’ll translate the platform to your language in no time.

Most common questions

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

What's eAteliers?

eAteliers is born to revolutionize the bridal industry. We want you to focus on what matters to you - your brides and partners; for the rest, just count on us.

Is it free?

For a limited period of time, new ateliers can use the platform free of charge. In the future, you will have available some free usage.

Do I get support?

Of course, customer excellence is part of our core values at eAtelier. You have rights to request support even with the free plan. Only if you choose to move to a paid plan, your inquiries will get prioritised.